Friday, February 24, 2012

What was your first freebie?

My first freebie was toothpaste.  This was my Aha! moment.
If I can get toothpaste for free, which I used to pay $4 for, what else can I get?
My free toothpaste came from Walgreens.  If you watch their ads you will notice something called Register Rewards.  Register Rewards are coupons that will print at the register when you purchase an item.  
This toothpaste was on sale for $3 with a $3 RR.  Which means I paid $3 OOP (out of pocket) but got $3 back to use on a future purchase.  Register Rewards are considered manufacturers coupons and they do have an expiration date.  
Then I found out how to make money on a purchase!   So imagine the same scenario.  Then add a coupon. 
Toothpaste is on sale for $3 and it has a RR for $3.  If I have a coupon for the toothpaste I can use that when I buy the item.  Buy your toothpaste with say a $1 coupon.  I pay $2 for the toothpaste and still get a $3 RR.  
Money maker!  
Another way to make money on items is Walmart.  They will accept coupons for items even if the coupon value exceeds the value of the product.  
For instance.  If I have a coupon for Panko breadcrumbs for $3 and the price of breadcrumbs is $2 at Walmart.  They will give you the $1 back.   Or you can buy other items you need and use the overage towards that.   Beware at Walmart though.  Their policy allows this but unfriendly and unwilling cashiers can really put a tangle in your day.  Ask for the manager.  They do allow it.   I've had good experiences and bad with this.  The reason it is allowed is how a coupon works.  When you hand over a coupon to a store they will send it in for a refund from the manufacturer.  They get the face value of the coupon and 8 cents.  So they are not losing money.  
What do you love to get free?  

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