Monday, February 20, 2012

Pay with cash

A great way to save money is to pay with cash.  I know this sounds silly but it is so true.  When my friends laugh at me because I get aggravated when I spend $40 at the grocery store it is because I am paying cash.  It hurts to pay cash.  Back in the day I would do what so many of you do.  I'd drop $200 at the grocery store.  It's partially because I didn't have a plan and partially because of my debit card.  I used to see my debit card as a money saver.  I thought if I took out cash I'd spend more.  Really it's the opposite.
How many of you don't pay attention to what you are putting in your cart?  Monetary wise.  You see these things as needs so you don't think about it.  You also don't consider that you may not have enough to pay for it.  You just swipe your card.
I still get off track once in a while now.  I'll go in with my cash but have that debit card just in case.  This always leads to me over spending.
If you start out with a hundred dollars how far will you get?  After the gas station and the grocery store?  Most wouldn't get past the gas station these days.  Some gas stations give you a discount for paying cash. Why not try it?  Commit to a week or two.   See if you think more about what you are putting into that cart.
It's the same principle as going to a casino.  They give you chips so that you disassociate that it's money.  Your hard earned money!

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