Thursday, February 16, 2012

Shop n save trip


Spent $33 OOP for $80 worth of groceries.   I spent about 10 minutes last night getting a list together and collecting coupons.   No extreme couponing here.   Just everyday savings.
The way to succeed at this game is to buy when it's rock bottom prices.  I do not need 80% of these items.  I buy what is rock bottom prices that my family WILL use.   Cookies are not normally on my list but for under $1 a box we will try them.  Milo's Kitchen treats were another "splurge" for $1.50 but it's my dog's bday today:)
A couple things I bought without coupons were the block of mozzarella,  hashbrowns, pam spray, peanut butter, chili, and the Imo's dressing.  Most of these were on sale or else I needed them for recipes this week.  The peanut butter was part of a buy 10 get $2 off deal so even without coupons it was an okay deal.  My kids go through PB so I'm always looking for it.  The candy was clearance and I hadn't gotten the kids any for V Day.
The Imo's dressing was a big splurge at $3.68 but man it's going to be good on the edge of my pizza later this week.  Don't worry... I'll post.
So for all the naysayers out there that say they simply do not have time to coupon........  look at it this way.  10 minutes of preparation saved me $47.   Multipy that by 6 (for how many 10 minutes in an hour).  That is $282 an hour.  Do you make that much at your job??   

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