Saturday, February 11, 2012

Not a normal Saturday :)

On any given Saturday morning you will find me getting my newspapers.  I usually buy about 3.  More if it's a good week.  Well today that did not happen.  We ventured out to check out Trader Joes.  I would have to say it was a cool little store.  They had some good things that were in my price range.  I will be back.   Then we hit Sam's.  Yes, on a Saturday.  Whew....  Anyway, we met up with some friends and now the day is done.  I will get those papers tomorrow and let you know what I like.
The Sunday paper is the best way to build up your coupon stash.  I think there are only 2 this week but I am hoping for something good.  


  1. You have convinced me to get my butt out there on sundays and get me my coupons! And yeah, stay away from Sams on sundays...everyone and his brother are there! I won't even go to the grocery store on sundays! Too many whiteheads... ;)

  2. Dana, it was a good day. It was my only day off this week. Blah! Good for you Renay! Even if you just clip and buy like normal, you will save some money. Once a month there is a P&G insert. That usually has some good coupons for household items.