Thursday, February 9, 2012

use your local library

Many people got nooks or kindles for Christmas.  I am surprised so many of them didn't know that they can get free kindle or nook books through the local library.
In St Charles Co the link is:
On the left hand column scroll over the browse collections tab.   I have a kindle so I choose to browse that collection.  They do not have all the new popular books because the publishers have to allow it.  But I have found many to read.   When I see a book I want on Amazon, I go to the library site first.
When I check out a book I get an email from amazon.  Then just send it to my kindle.   Easy!

Another good tip is to watch the top 100 list.  They keep a list of the top sellers along with the top FREE books.   My favorite word!

You can also get CDs and movies from your library.  I've also heard they are starting to carry some video games!  I'll have to look into that.
You can reserve them from home through their website and they will call or email you when they are in.  Gotta love that!

**UPDATE**  I did see that our local library has 169 Wii titles.   Too bad I just sold my Wii.

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