Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stack coupons

Another way to really save money is to stack coupons.
Around here we have Walgreens and Target that allow stacking.
Stacking means that these stores put out their own coupons.  Manufacturers put coupons out in your local newspaper among other places.  When you get a coupon look at which it is.  If it's a store it can be stacked with a manufacturers.  
Most Walgreens coupons are in their weekly ads and in their monthly booklets.
Target has coupons on their website.  here  
For instance today I bought the Scott's paper towels at Walgreens.  Normally they sell for $5.  I used Walgreens $1 off and a manufacturers $1 off.  Making the towels $3.  

This is why Walmart is not always the cheapest.  I fell into that trap: Walmart is cheaper than other stores.  They may be cheaper on a couple things to make you believe they are cheaper on everything.  
Not the case when your local grocery stores run good sales and they double coupons. 
Both Schnucks and Dierbergs double coupons up to $.40.  Kroger will double up to $.50. 
It will take a little more time until you get the hang of it.  But make a list.  Get what is on sale with a coupon.
Stack coupons.  I do go to more than one store a week.  In most cases I hit 2 stores a week.  It can be more depending on what's on sale.  
Which leads people to think it takes me longer to grocery shop than them going to one store. 
This may be true but only a small amount of time.  Why is this?   First of all, in our town all of our major stores are on the same block.  Not a lot of driving from one to the other.  Second, I have a list of what I'm getting.  I waste no time looking around and deciding what I want.  I go in and get it then get out.  This also helps me stay on budget.  Looking around usually means spending more money.   

Another great place to look for coupons is coupons.com.
Sometimes you can find high dollar coupons that are not in the paper.  

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