Wednesday, February 8, 2012

About me...

I just wanted to do a little back tracking to fill you in on who I am and why I'm doing this.
I was just like so many Americans 3 years ago.  I was living way beyond my means.  We have the credit card bills to prove it.  The hubby had a good job.  Our bills were paid but we were still living paycheck to paycheck.  Then comes the housing market collapse.  Hubby lost that nice job that he had worked so hard for.  He still does not have a full time/ regular job.  
We lost our main income.  I have a run of the mill job.  It was never meant to pay our bills.  It was our extra income so we could do the little things people like to do.  Go out to eat,  take the kids to the movies and the mall.   What not.  
As much as I'd love to live in the ignorance of 3 years ago, I am to some extent thankful for this life changing situation.  I now know that when hubby gets a steady income we will be much better off.  We will not return to spending $200 a week at the grocery store and Walmart.  Nor will we charge today for the promise of future monies that may not be there.  
I had been a coupon clipper for many years on and off.  The problem with most coupon clippers is that you clip it then go to the store and buy it right away.  What you need to do is hold on to that coupon until you get a sale on that item.  That is always a winning combination.  Sale + coupon= buy!   Ideally, you want to buy enough for 3 months.  Sales usually come back around in that amount of time.  
This strategy changed our lives.  In fact, it saved our home.  We are still in our home after 3 rocky years.  The fight is not over by any means but we are still fighting.  We are still afloat.  
I have many people ask how I do it hence this blog.  It is not for everyone but everyone will hopefully learn something.  If you can apply even one thing in your life then I have succeeded.  I can't expect everyone to become extreme couponers but you can definitely still save money at the grocery store.  

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